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World Business Forum New York 2016: Be Beta - WOBI
World Business Forum New York 2016: Be Beta - WOBI
World Business Forum New York 2016: Be Beta - WOBI
New York City

The Future of Work Inspiration Field Trip is a unique opportunity to experience organizations like Google, who are pushing boundaries around workplace innovation.

Field trip attendees will experience an intensive full-day outing around New York City and go behind-the-scenes at two of today's most forward-thinking companies when it comes to new ways of working, iteration and innovation.

FutureLeaderNow will guide you through these visits so that you are exposed to and may gain in-depth insights from these organizations, which you can then bring back to your company or industry.


Wednesday, November 16, full day

This year's lineup includes visits to Google and other companies to be named. Prior visits have included Whole Foods Markets, Ritz-Carlton Hotels and Johnson & Johnson’s Global Design Office.

About Future LeaderNow:

With over 20 years' experience helping organizations learn and grow, FutureLeaderNow partners with organizations create better workplaces and more general innovation in their work practices through unrivaled events, facilitation, training and projects. They harness the energy and insight of future-focused, innovative organizations to help their clients create workplaces where their people can thrive. FutureLeaderNow drives impact for their clients by taking much needed inspiration through to tangible, executable action.